Our Story

As the pace of life continues to accelerate, the cost of time is getting more and more expensive. I often encounter customers who say that it is rare to take a day off, but they have to rush to several places for nursing, this one for skin, another for body, and one for nails.. …..I’m rushing for time every day, I should enjoy it, but I’m in a hurry because I’m in a hurry

The founder of YOUTH STATION is a young lady born in the 1980s who has been engaged in beauty and nail art for more than ten years. She often thinks why can’t customers enjoy the process? ! And so YOUTH STATION was born! Here you can enjoy the most professional services, no matter nails, eyelashes, beauty or health care, we are carefully selected from employees to products, we do not do any tough sales, and members will have more benefits, in order to make Customers have better experience and service, we have been working hard to pursue perfection. May all customers who come to YOUTH STATION become younger, more beautiful and happier.

The platform of YOUTH STATION stops the train bound for youth, the youth here is colorful, the youth here goes forward bravely, and the youth here is full of love and warmth. . . . For those who haven’t gotten on the bus yet, join us! Youth never ends!

Why Us?