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Body Wellness

Herbal Detox Treatment

In Singapore 1 in 25 people suffers from arthritis, and is more prevalent in women than in men. According to statistics, 140 kind of illnesses are caused by dampness in our body. Arthritis, Pimples, Weak Kidney & Eczema, happens to be a few of them. Jiao Feng Tang Herbal Mud Essence helps you to remove dampness from your body & increase your immunity against those illnesses. 

Applying the herbs once on the whole body is equivalent to the detoxification effect of 10 kilometres of exercise, and the effect can be felt immediately by applying it immediately for dehumidification and cold. 

First Trial:

$39 (U.P: $98)

5 Elements Treatment

  • Precision Machine to accurately detect the body’s various sub-health issues. Feeling comfort during treatment indicates good circulation of qi and blood.
  • High Frequency Ion Importer – 6 million times per second frequency target penetration to 5-8cm under the skin. Fast, Direct & Effective.
  • Cellular Repair Essence – Organic Herbal Plants Essence are extracted using wall-breaking technology and nano-micro-capsule encapsulation technology. 1 treatment equivalent to the effect of taking Chinese herbal medicine 50 times. 
  • Product Used: JFT wellness set 

First Trial:

$138 (U.P: $298)

Vacumm Suction Back Treatment

Combined of guasha, cupping, acupuncture, tuina and massage 5 in 1. Quickly open up pores to pull out the wind, cold, heat, humidity, dryness and fire from the body. Equivalent to 30 times of manual treatment or 10km run. 

First Trial:

$49 (U.P: $139)

Gua Sha Neck Therapy

– Reduces fine lines on the neck
– Reduces double chin
– Modify neck curve
– Lifts the face
– Improves skin tone & sleep

First Trial:

$38 (U.P: $158)


Underarm whitening Treatment

Why are the underarms (groin, etc) dark?

1. Due to obesity, repeated friction and irritation of the skin of the armpits & poor blood circulation can cause the skin of the armpits to become significantly darker and also thicken the epidermis.

2. Hormone imbalance: Hormone imbalance during pregnancy can also cause darkening of the skin on the underarms, face, groin, etc.

Underarm whitening fundamentally regulates circulation and improves melanin problems, one-time results, comfort and peace of mind.

First Trial:

$38 (U.P: $128)

Hair Removal

Waxing Hair Removal

Beeswax hair removal is simple and convenient, and it can remove a large area of ​​hair in a short period of time, and the effect can generally be maintained for about a month. 

OPT Permanent Hair Removal


  1. A fast and comfortable way to get rid of unwanted hair, irreversible.
  2. The effect is long-lasting. Only several courses of treatment are needed to achieve the effect of permanent hair removal.
  3. After hair removal, the skin is fine and smooth. The pores will not only be smaller, the skin will also appear whiter and more tender.