Services We Offer

Hand & Foot Spa Treatment

Treatment Steps: 

Step 1: Sea Salt Scrub to Exfoliate

Step 2: Massage nourishes the skin, promotes circulation and absorption, and reduces fine lines

Step 3: Apply the film with hot compress gloves for deep repair Open the skin’s nutrient absorption channel, make the skin white, tender and delicate

Gelish Manicure & Pedicure

Natural resin nail polish, safe and non-toxic, suitable for pregnant women. The color is full and translucent, it dries instantly, and the gloss lasts longer.

It can be extended, shaped, and styled in ever-changing styles. We are good at doing all kinds of painting, extension and sticking to make your nails beautiful and unique 

Nail Treatment

Nails are dry and lack luster due to lack of nutrition. Nail mask can nourish and repair the surface of the nails, making the nails healthier and more glossy.

FungusLess +UV treatment 


  • Get rid of nails fungus once and for all
  • Proven, safe and 100% natural formula
  • Clear discoloured nails, relieve itching and ingrown nails
  • Can be used under polish, acrylic and gel nails

How to detect Nail Fungus with FungusLess:

Apply the clear solution on the affected areas, white foam can be seen forming in the fungus infested areas.