Radio Frequency Facial Treatment


Helps to stimulates the formation of the collagen layer of the skin, so that the collagen will regenerate and increase the elasticity of the skin cells, thereby prevent the formation of wrinkles and increase skin elasticity, face-lift, shape & anti-aging effect. With age, the collagen in the deep layers of the skin is continuously lost. The elastic fibers are broken, and the facial support is insufficient, Ultimately, the skin sags resulting in aging and wrinkles.

This treatment offers protection against Facial Aging Symptoms. The improvement effect is remarkable: Skin elasticity +24.14%, Skin gloss +18.25%, Skin firmness +26.53%, Nasolabial fold wrinkle length -13.83%, TriPollar Miracle Beauty Apparatus increases skin elasticity by 24.14% and increases skin elasticity by 18.25% in 14 day.

**(Full face 75 minutes)

First Trial Price Only: $88

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